Autoritratto del pittore C. Adolfo Schlatter (1903) - Particolare



About me

Here I am, let me introduce myself !
I am the descendant of the painter, with me is the little Fiona.
Since 2009 I manage my small B & B, completely, in the first person (from the rooms and the breakfasts, to the reception), you can be sure that everything is done with extreme care and not with the repetitiveness of an employee, every detail is important, for me.
My guests should feel at home and can count on my knowledge of Florence for every need and solve every problem.
I speak English and French, in addition to Italian, so also this BLOG it will be done by me, sorry for the imperfect languages..
As my great-grandfather I had an artistic background, I did the illustrator, as a first job, but I'm fine only around people and, so, following my passion, in a second time, I opened an antique shop, where I also worked as interior decorator, for my clients.
So,  for me, take care of the restructuring of the B & B, has been a  fun. Trying to create the right atmosphere around the beautiful paintings of my great-grandfather, not to mention comfort.
Nothing is impersonal, as in a hotel, each piece has its own story, each room its charm.
In Florence, this house is known to everyone, passersby often wish to enter and visit.
I forgot to mention, that I'm married! 
My husband is not concerned with the B & B, does the vet, but he too, if he can, it participates.

camera carlo adolfo

A wide room with an intermediate floor, with four sleeping accomodation

camera emma
A room with a feminine touch and with a private access to the garden

camera giardinire
A very intimate room with refined forniture