Autoritratto del pittore C. Adolfo Schlatter (1903) - Particolare



My secret walking tour, on the hills of Florence, between villas and castles

The route is suitable for everyone and is located on the hill of Vincigliata in the footsteps of the ancient stonemasons. It may be longer or shorter: the whole day (including the various stages  and the lunch), or a couple of hours, depending on your choice.
-The start (obviously from the B&B Casa Schlatter). 
To avoid the first part, which would be in town, for about 15 minutes, you can take the bus, which goes to Fiesole, the No. 7, get on, at the stop n. 7, via Alessandro Volta (see the map), till the  stop n.19 (Regresso), on the main road to Fiesole.
- Step one: reach Maiano village. 
Walking few meters down the hill, towards Florence, you arrive at a big bend, from which on the left side, start Via B. da Maiano. 
Follow it for a mile, or so, up to a crossroads, here, you can stop at the wonderful Maiano Farm
to buy a sandwich or to have a lunch (Sunday, in the good season, they make wonderful barbecue).
The farm is part of the property of the Villa di Maiano, once belonged of  the Prince Corsini and now of the descendants.
Entering in the farm's store, ask the permission to visit the property, (you need a small ticket) through the path that leads you to the 'enchanted lake' of Columns, in his tower, many famous people have been accommodated, between the XVIII and  the XIX century.
This diversion can take you 30/40 minutes, but totally worth it !
- Step Two: from Maiano to Vincigliata (across the street of the stonemasons).
From the mentioned intersection (where is the Maiano Farm), go left, towards the quarrys of Maiano, (they supplied the stone to construct  all the works of Florence,  since XV century, which have made famous the area and the road that united Maiano to Settignano: The path of the stonemasons).
Then, after passing the church, you must take the first path on the right, which drops down through a forest, towards the valley.
By following this path until the end, without taking detours (for about one km), we arrive, again, on the asphalted road of Via Vincigliata.
- Step three: from Vincigliata Castle  to Settignano.
Following the asphalt road, down, you reach, after a few bends, the famous Villa: i Tatti
Purchased by Bernard Berenson scholar, in the early '900 and then given to Harvard university (of which, today is well known venue). The beautiful historical garden, is visible by appointment, but I suggest to go there, after to have to followed my path, on the way back.
Continuing, Instead, upward to a few hundred meters, you reach the Castle Vincigliata 
On Via Vincigliata, the landscape changes completely, you find yourself in a cypress forest of tall trees, very characteristic.
Before arriving at the castle, on your right (just meets its perimeter wall), from a sharp bend, depart  a country road (again, the path of the stone-cutters).
The path, crossing a beautiful countryside, with olive trees, farmhouses and breathtaking view of Florence and of the Castle (cover photo), leads to the summit of the hill, known as Weathertop.
Farmhouses of Colle Vento/Weathertop.
From there, immediately, after the second farm, take the steep path of stones, which branches off to the left, downward, through which, you get to Settignano. 
If you are tired, from the square of Settignano, you can take bus number 10, which takes you back in town, otherwise, you can continue the walk, again on a asphalt road, in the direction of Corbignano and Ponte a Mensola. 
-Point Four: from Settignano to Ponte a Mensola (The way back) 
Once ended the stony path, you are at a crossroads, take the road that goes to your right, which, once exceeded the church of Vanella, it goes down becoming a narrow downhill road and after the village of Corbignano, you will reach 'Ponte a Mensola', village, passing under a crown of tree branches, (before to arrive  at the river Mensola, you meet again, via Vincigliata, taking it, in the right side, you reach In few minutes,Villa Tatti).
My walk is over, the bus N. 10 from Ponte a M. goes to the City center or at the stop  N. 14 (Stadium), to the 'Casa Schlatter'.
Good walk !

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