Autoritratto del pittore C. Adolfo Schlatter (1903) - Particolare

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B&B Casa Schlatter has three rooms, each one of them has different and unique characteristics. The furniture is studied to increase the beauty of each part of the house. Each one of the room has been named after facts related to the story of the house.

The room Carlo Adolfo, is the widest room of the B&B, with baeautiful window on the front garden and a characteristic mezzanine.

It can accommodate up to four people, having two single beds on the intermediate floor and a double bed in the 24 metres below. It also called 'The swans' room' for the big painting (cm 112 x 200) hanged on its wall, representing a couple of majestic swans, surrounded by mysterious obscure water..

Have a wide mosaic bathroom in exclusive use, situated in front of the bedroom's entering door; the bathroom has all the comforts with modern bathroom accessories (shower siphon on the ceiling, of about 40 cm) together with a refined choice of taps and fittings and sanitaries in style.

Back in time this room used to be a vital part of the living room/studio, separated from it only by a big arch, still visible on the intermediate floor.
They used to keep in this room all the canvases, colours and everything that was inspiring for the artist's work; a good quantity of objects were spread everywhere which stimulated his eclectic creativity. These objects were also used to create art pieces, realized putting together recycled materials and object as a sort of anticipation to modern ready made art.

The environment appeared as a fascinating museum of the curious and improbable and above everything the big bronze giant squid which, together with the other characters created by the artist, populated the rooms of his world and touched the visitor.

Over the entering door is still visible the gravestone with which Carlo Adolfo dedicated his work to his muse of all time: Emma, his devoted wife. Emma gave up everything for his husband, following him in his bohemian life outside the conventional lifestyle of the upper-class families from where they came from, which also caused her to die prematurely.

Her portrait is exhibited at the entrance of the B&B together with her husband portrait.

See also Emma bedroom and The gardener's bedroom


camera carlo adolfo

A wide room with an intermediate floor, with four sleeping accomodation

camera emma
A room with a feminine touch and with a private access to the garden

camera giardinire
A very intimate room with refined forniture