Autoritratto del pittore C. Adolfo Schlatter (1903) - Particolare

entrata salone salone


B&B Casa Schlatter has three rooms, each one of them has different and unique characteristics. The furniture is studied to increase the beauty of each part of the house. Each one of the room has been named after facts related to the story of the house.

Room “emma “ or “Ruit Ora” is a spacious room with a window door on the cool garden behind the B&B.
It can have two twin beds or a double bed, on costumers' choice.

The room has a feminine connotation: everything suggests the intimacy of a room belonged first to Emma and after to Dina and now to the great grand-child Alessandra.

The antique furniture stands on the intense rose-coloured walls and the floor, underlined, with sober graciosity, by the golden frames and drapery.
The same shades of rose and gold, with mirrors and period lamps, is used again for the decoration of the bathroom, with a bath and a shower.
This room also has a painting: its theme is that of the romantic idea of the passing of time which belongs to the decadent/symbolist period of the painter.

See also he "gardener's room” or "Carlo Adolfo"


camera carlo adolfo

A wide room with an intermediate floor, with four sleeping accomodation

camera emma
A room with a feminine touch and with a private access to the garden

camera giardinire
A very intimate room with refined forniture